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10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024

  • June 20, 2024
  • 7 min read
10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024

Every big company or a normal company uses the CRM. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Companies those who are based on customer service especially for the voice process the y uses the crm a lot. CRM helps the companies to talk with the customers without any issue. These CRM’S helps the customer service associate and customer service executive in different ways. Whenever a call starts with a customer then the recording starts by itself on the CRM. An Associate can put the break, hold the call, park the call or chat, and can shift to a lot of working mode. So Bangalore is a hub from great companies. It is totally an industrial area. So this article will also discuss 10 CRM software Bangalore recommendations 2024. It will be interesting to know about CRM recommendations for this year in the state of Bangalore.

CollaBrill: 10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024

So one of the CRM is CollaBrill. This CRM is especially used by the companies those who are not much big. Companies working on a normal or a decent level uses this CRM. As every CRM has its own features and benefits. Due to their features and the efficiency of getting the work done their price also differs. The company those who uses this CRM can easily track their data and the whole work. The cloud service is one of the main service in the CRM as it stores all the data.


Whosoever is trying to connect with the company it tries to track all those customers.

This CRM provides a lot features and one of them is Self Service portal. These portal can be used for make things easier and get the work done easily and even track it as well.

It helps in the Administrative tasks as well. Administration is something which helps in making all the work very smooth. They are the one those who handles the work flow. So this CRM also help the Administration in a lot of aspects so that they can easily work and the work of the company should also keep on going without any issue.

IntelliStant: 10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024

This CRM helps in communicating with the customers. Moreover, it also helps in various things like recording the calls. Along with that it also helps in lead generation. There are a lot of companies which works on sales and for them lead generation is one of the very best. The another thing is that is also helps in taking the follow up.


It helps in a lot of projects. It is all, because of the feature it have and that is Project Management.

This CRM provides the Dashboard which makes the work easier for the company. The dashboard is something on which a person can easily navigate all the things.

KVP Business Solutions: 10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024

Their main focus is to boost the growth of the company. Their concept is the cloud based services. It helps in the collaboration so that it can help them to grow even in the crucial time without missing on an update.


It always checks all the data saved in the CRM. If it sees or find any kind of issue or problem them it can easily point it out and inform to the company about that.

Now again the one of the main thing which make any website, platform, and CRM more feasible and easily accessible. That toll is none other than but Dashboard. Dashboard is one of the very great feature to navigate all the things in any of the platform.

Astral Real Estate ERP: 10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024

So this CRM is used by the people or the companies those who deals in the real estate. Under this CRM all the data can be stored. Analysis can be done very easily. There is nothing which can not be done in the whole process of buying and selling the property.


It helps in all the documentation work with the stored data and the proof.

In this CRM data or the list of all the customers can be stored very easily

As this a real estate CRM then it is always an important thing for them to check out on all the properties which are sold and which are not. So on this CRM the record of the available properties can be found easily.

SAN SFA: 10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024

It is not necessary that every CRM can be used by every company. Many of them are also there those who work on various things or on a particular area. So this CRM works in the field of Health-care industry.


It helps a lot of pharmacies to keep the track of their inventory. So it benefits the pharmacies to order the new stock of the finishes one on time so that the patient should not suffer as well.

It can help the doctors as well to record and store all the data f the patient. So that things can go smooth and with more pace and the patient will not suffer or does not need to wait as well.

Travelomatix: 10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024

This CRM is built and designed for the Travel Industry. The companies those who deals in travel and those who are good travel agencies then they use or can use this CRM.


It tracks all the data of the customer those who connects with the company for any kind of travelling service the company provides.

It helps in the online payment as well. Other than that it helps in all the paperwork of the customer.

It also includes GDS. GDS is one of the very big and one of the most used tool for the travelling

BIDxprt: 10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024

Biding is a word you all are aware of. So whenever a bid is placed then a sale occurs for sure. This CRM assist with all the biding work. So there should not be any problem and the transparency should be there among the person those who bid and the person who buys.


It helps in generating the leads for the companies. As biding is okay but in the last it is all about sales.

Thus CRM also helps in marketing as well. In sales marketing is very necessary so it market the things or the services. Moreover, it also helps in tracking the available stock of the service or the product they are providing.


It helps the staff to have a very good communication with the customers. The companies those who work on sales uses this CRM. It helps in the lead generation. Along with that it ensures and increases the possibilities of a successful sale.


This CRM uses the email for betterment of the sales. The email service keeps the customer or the client connected with the company for the final deal.

Now again the very main feature that makes the thing easier is the dashboard. Dashboard helps the user to access all the things available on this platform easily. The simple thing is dashboard makes navigation easier.


It is one of the best CRM. As it includes various features in it. CRM and ERP are the core concept of this CRM. If you look at the pricing then users can buy the subscription of $397. Now this price is not for a  month, year, or a week. This price is for lifetime.


It handles all the reports of the Tax. Crm also helps in making all the bills and the invoices.

It helps in maintaining all the reports of the suppliers those who supply the products and the purchases which they get after ordering from the suppliers.

Bizex: 10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024

This CRM is used by all the average or small companies. It is also one of the best in the market.


It helps the HR of the company in making all the salaries and track them.

It is accessible in Mobile as well.

10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024
10 CRM Software Bangalore Recommendations 2024


These are some of the CRM and out of these CRM you can select if you are looking for some kind of CRM. If any of the CRM mentioned above suits your work then you can go for it. So these were the 10 CRM software Bangalore recommendations 2024.

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