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6 Trending Mobile App Ideas For Salesforce AppExchange

  • March 21, 2024
  • 5 min read
6 Trending Mobile App Ideas For Salesforce AppExchange

You know it’s a great idea to have applications on the Salesforce AppExchange market that is expected to grow at a CAGR of 73.38 % from 2022 to 2028. Yes, it’s true that mobile apps can also be developed for Salesforce Appexchange just like Google Play Store, and iStore.

However, the question is to look for an idea that has the potential to bring you all-around benefits. With over 5,000 apps on AppExchange in categories like Sales, IT, Customer services and more, you need to make your mark with an outstanding idea. By observing the mobile app trends, we’ve come up with the best app ideas for AppExchange.

App Ideas For AppExchange

Finding a fresh idea with prominent intuitiveness and practical implementation takes time.

Automation App

Nowadays, businesses look for innovative ways to eliminate repetitive and routine tasks, thus cutting costs. Automation apps on Appexchange are highly popular as they enable users to enhance productivity and efficiency.

What’s more? It is easy for anyone to integrate web apps such as Gmail, MailChimp, Wufoo, Evernote, and more with the Salesforce ecosystem.

Document Generation And E-Signature App

Have a dedicated app by Salesforce app development experts to create documents and share them securely and conveniently within Salesforce. This type of app is in mobile app development trends for its usefulness in quotes, proposals, statements, account summaries, contracts, or reports.

Lead Assignment And Routing App

Accurate lead assignment means faster and better conversion rates. Build an app around the idea of lead assignment for any sales models with the implementation of round-robin and Load-balancing architecture.

Apps that facilitate automatically matching leads with existing accounts or contacts based on files such as name, email ID, location, and others are a big hit.

Data Backup App

Data is the backbone of the business, and it will always be so. So, data related applications will always be in mobile app trends. Enlist a data backup app from the mobile app development company on AppExchange. Users will like it for automating the daily backup and recovery and replicating users’ Salesforce data.

To make the app unique, you add the capability to restore data and metadata at all granularity levels.

Email Marketing App

You can’t miss this email marketing app idea, through which businesses can sync data and contracts on Salesforce for seamless email marketing. Add features like managing email opt-in and opt-out, data storage management, statistics tracking, and more.

Inventory Management App

Inventory management is a crucial but sometimes difficult component for companies that deal with physical goods. Inventory management apps help in managing suppliers, estimating demand, and monitoring stock levels.

Real-time insights into inventory status and sales patterns are made possible by integration with Salesforce. Startups can achieve growth and success in a competitive market by keeping ideal inventory levels, which can enhance operational efficiency.

How To Get Started With App In Salesforce AppExchange?

Started in 2005, Salesforce AppExchange is a marketplace for applications, components, bolt solutions, consulting, and more. It enables businesses to spread the functionalities of the sales forces to multiple industries and fields, so much so that it has over 5,000 apps, 6 million installs, and approximately 80,000 peer reviews.

Decide The Type Of Apps

There are three major types of custom apps on the AppExchange: FSM, Integration, and Augmented functionality. Decide which you want to use.

Avail Of Salesforce Partner Community Service

You need to follow some steps to join the partner community, which connects you with other partners on the Salesforce platform. It is a great way to collaborate in the Salesforce ecosystem and grow together. Get answers to your queries, follow trends, and learn best practices. Here, you also get a Partner Development ORG, a free development org.

Have A Strategy For App Development

Only having ideas on mobile app development trends is not enough. To transform ideas into reality, you need strategies. We’ll only be able to cover some things regarding app development here.


Start planning to choose the version type, security standards, and more for developing the apps. Hire an AppExchange app developer or contact an AppExchange app development company.

Salesforce AppExchange prioritizes customer security, so you need to ensure your app’s compliance with an “AppExchange security review.” Once you have the final app, it’s time for the AppExchange listing.


Listing, Licence Management, And Customer Support

Now that the app is ready, it’s time to market it among prospects to make money. Explore ways to attract customers and build an audience base for yourself. Make sure you do the listing right with all the prominent features, attention-grabbing images, an affordable pricing policy, and descriptions with SEO-rich keywords.


As you get the idea, it’s time to transfer it into reality. Contact any app development company having expertise in Salesforce for having an app on AppExchange. Make sure the app is supported on both Classic and Lightning.

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