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Yes, We Want No Bananas

It's official. My dog hates healthy people food. Won't eat peanut butter, laughs at apples, and pretty much scoffs at any healthy food. Cheese is the exception and I'm not putting that into the healthy category. Good? You bet. Healthy?   So I'm making banana bread and my house smells delicious and my dog is [...]

Yes, We Want No Bananas2021-02-09T13:21:06-06:00

It’s Never Too Late: Leo and Nala

After having to put down his beloved dog, Leo tried to adjust to being the only person at home. A widower who now lived alone, Leo missed the companionship of his dog and hated being in a house filled with silence. His grandson suggested Leo look at getting another pet. You can’t replace a best [...]

It’s Never Too Late: Leo and Nala2018-10-29T12:59:11-06:00

Our Lives Will Never Be the Same: Coconut

Coconut (formerly Niki) is actually a hero who has changed my life. Like so many rescue dogs we simply do not know his whole story. Somehow making his way to a high kill shelter in Hazzard, KY, this now spunky puppy-faced certain death had it not been for being plucked out and transported to NEW [...]

Our Lives Will Never Be the Same: Coconut2018-10-29T08:07:37-06:00

A Rescued Fur Baby: Jackson

I just wanted to thank you for all you do with rescuing all the fur babies that you do including my Jackson. Six months before adopting Jackson our beloved Black Labrador died after a bout of cancer. It was a distressing time for me but also for my other dog. I didn’t think I was [...]

A Rescued Fur Baby: Jackson2018-10-27T09:13:23-06:00

A Forever Love: Duke Addae Copper Zoomie

In January I lost my twelve-and-a-half-year-old Golden Retriever and went into a serious depression. After about a month, I started looking on Petfinder.com.  I filled in applications and was accepted by five or six rescue organizations so I’d be ready if I saw a dog I wanted. Whenever we saw a dog that might work we’d [...]

A Forever Love: Duke Addae Copper Zoomie2018-10-27T10:29:28-06:00

The Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter: Our Shelter Partner

Turn on the television or watch a movie on any given day and you’ll probably see dogs. Lots of dogs. With good reason. Dogs are cute. But beyond the cuteness factor, studies have shown that dogs reduce loneliness and depression, force us to socialize, give us a sense of purpose, lower our stress and anxiety [...]

The Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter: Our Shelter Partner2018-10-27T09:15:11-06:00

How to Take The Best Pet Pictures: Spunky’s Paw Prints

“Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession.” -Gabrielle Bernstein My name is Bobbi Hague and I am a professional pet photographer. I grew up in Wisconsin and I've always had an infinity for animals. Growing up, I had the usual cats and dogs.  I also had gerbils, [...]

How to Take The Best Pet Pictures: Spunky’s Paw Prints2018-10-29T07:49:23-06:00

Coconut Wireless Connection

True confession. I was never a dog person. Now I know it’s because we never had the right dog. But since getting a dog I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned what not to do when it comes to having a rescue dog. I’ve slowly learned a lot about living life with a dog. I’m a [...]

Coconut Wireless Connection2018-10-27T09:17:58-06:00


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