“Dogs are miracle with paws.” — Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

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National Giving Hearts Day

Today is National Giving Hearts Day and that's something dogs do every single day of their lives.   This has been a hard week. My 97 year old father in law has congestive heart failure and was hospitalized. He's home now waiting for the cardiologist to decide about medications and [...]


I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook memories. I both love and hate the ones from when I first joined Facebook. Those are all in Hawaii and I see the beautiful mountains and ocean, I look at the faces of old friends I still miss, I read about flying in [...]

Not Nearly As Worthwhile

Today is National Celebration Participation Day!   There is nothing like the day you choose your dog. You post photos on Facebook, you send text messages filled with pictures to family and friends, and you celebrate by buying a new dog bed and toys and food and everything else your [...]

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