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Building The Ultimate Morgan Dollar Set: Strategies For Collectors

  • May 29, 2024
  • 3 min read
Building The Ultimate Morgan Dollar Set: Strategies For Collectors

Coin collection is becoming popular due to the valuable benefits surrounding these coins. People across the globe hunt rare coins either to hold them until their value rises or sell them to merchants with good deals. However, when collecting certain coins, you need an effective strategy to guide you.

If you are gathering Morgan dollars, you must pay attention to the primary collection, price limit, initial year of issue, date set, mintmark set, and micro mintmarks. These elements will help you identify your intended set much faster.

Here are strategies for collectors that can help in building the ultimate 50-piece Morgan dollar set:

Strategy for Collecting The Ultimate Morgan Dollar Set

  1. The Primary Collection

The Morgan Dollar Series are popular coins to collect in the United States; obtaining them can be complicated. Many can be cheap, others expensive, and some incredibly expensive. An ultimate Morgan dollar consists of a 50 piece Morgan dollar set depending on the prevalent issues you wish to collect.

Because of the large numbers and price of the coins, you must design an effective strategy to help you in the collection. It’s crucial to consider the amount of money you are willing to commit to collecting the 50-piece Morgan dollar set. A complete and attractive set can exceed 500,000 dollars because some rare coins are hard to find in auctions and need time to complete.

   2. Setting a Price Limit

Although coins are affordable, most collectors find assembling the 50-piece Morgan dollar set challenging. To enjoy the beauty and history of these coins, you must set a price point and gather coins that fit your budget.

You will regularly find some modest collectors saving money to buy a cheap Morgan dollar coin. After some time, the results will still be fascinating. Therefore, you must set a price limit of 100 dollars and see how many uncirculated coins you can gather.

    3. First Year of Issue

Before developing the 50-piece Morgan dollar set, the US Mint had progressed through numerous designs. This variety resulted in a popular miniset of the Morgan dollar accumulation 1878.

Unique holders made explicitly for the principal types in that year exist. Telemarketing industries huddled most of these sets, which can be bought as a complete set. Some of the Morgan dollars include the 1878 8 Tail Feathers Reverse, Reverse of 1878, and Reverse of 1879.

  4. The 50-Piece Morgan Dollar Set Mintmark

Morgan dollars were produced in five minutes: Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Carson City, and New Orleans. A coin from one of these mints would make a fabulous collection. Each mint had diverse characteristics that gave coins a unique appearance different from other factories.

When you practice, you can tell which mint produced a particular coin without looking at the opposite. All the five mints made certain cravings on the coin that distinguish it from the rest to the users.


Collecting the 50-piece Morgan dollar set is complicated because numerous series are involved. However, if you come up with a strategic plan, you can complete it. Consider setting a price limit, the first year of issue, and a mintmark set to develop an entire collection.


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