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From Disney Fan to Disney Expert: Steps to Take to Become a Certified Disney Travel Agent

  • May 4, 2024
  • 3 min read
From Disney Fan to Disney Expert: Steps to Take to Become a Certified Disney Travel Agent

Are you a Disney lover who wants to convert your passion into a successful business? You could be that Disney expert travel agent of the future. As a Disney travel agent, you can make other people’s dream trips a reality while being a part of Disney magic.

Whether it is park adventures or trips involving cruises and luxurious resorts, you will be the first person people talk to whenever they want to know about Disney. This article will guide you through the steps needed to become a Disney travel professional and book amazing vacations for your clients.

Visit an Authorized Disney Travel Agent

To become a Disney travel professional, one must be part of an authorized travel company and registered with the Disney company as a travel agent. Seek a firm that offers in-depth training and assistance for its agents. Participation in training program is easy with the help of a friendly and helpful team.

Setup Your Workplace and Develop Communication Skills

Once you have joined an agency, set aside space for work. Whether at home or in an office, ensure it’s quiet and distraction-free. You should have a computer, a good internet connection, and a phone. 

Most bookings will be via email or online portals. Although most reservations are made online, others prefer to speak on the phone. So, you have to improve your communication skills to help clients in the best way possible.

Complete the Training

Take Disney’s travel agent training to become a certified travel agent. This training covers all Disney destinations: theme parks, cruises, adventures, Aulani, and resorts. The training is available online and can be started right away. In most cases, the processing takes around 24 hours. The training is enhanced with video presentations, tests, and examples about Disney travel destinations.

Market Yourself

To get clients, you need to market yourself. Use social media platforms to set up profiles and share Disney vacation information. Try to post about special offers, tips, and hacks to get more customers.  Also, register your business so people searching for Disney vacations near them can find you. Also, join other travel agent forums and let people know you’re open to booking Disney vacations.

Understand the Commission Structure

As a Disney travel professional, you need to be familiar with the commission structure. On average, vacations are priced at 10% commission, and your commission is usually paid 30 days after your customers complete their travel.

Keep Your Certification Up-to-Date 

You should renew your Disney certification by taking online training courses each year to keep yourself updated on everything new at Disney. This will empower you to have detailed knowledge of all Disney offers and help you provide your clients with appropriate services.


Earning a Disney travel agent certificate will turn your love for Disney into a happy, meaningful profession. If you put your heart into it and work hard, you will eventually be part of the Disney magic while helping people make their vacation dreams come true. Get training from an authorized travel agency and create magical trips for your clients.

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