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Graduation- New Beginnings

  • May 28, 2024
  • 3 min read
Graduation- New Beginnings

The time has come for our newest graduates of 2024 to continue on a new path. This path can often start with stress as life starts to form a new beginning. Sometimes the stress can be trying to find a nice outfit to walk across the stage or trying even to find that perfect graduation invitation template for your cards. My hope is that our newest graduates find the silver lining within the stress while trying to create a day of memories. 

New Beginnings, Same Stresses

In new beginnings, the stress often leads to carefully crafted memories of the most perfect day and those turn into the memories we find ourselves holding ever so dearly. Often times people tend to forget that new beginnings don’t always come easy, and that the rewards after are what makes it better. It’s easy to ignore the smaller things, but those are the things that mean the most in the end.

The Right Invites

One thing that’s super stressful is making sure every person you want to share your accomplishment with had an invitation. You want the invitations to portray who you are and what made you the person walking across that stage. It takes time, stress, and maybe a few tears to create invitations. But is it worth it? Most would respond, YES! Those invitations are a way of thanking people for helping you through the process of creating a path to a new beginning. So, make sure you get that graduation invitation 2024 done and sent out first! 

Silver Linings

Don’t make the mistake of leaving the invitations till after you pick out your outfit. Yes, we all tend to procrastinate, but who really cares? New beginnings often start with mistakes and a smile. Some people can say there is no silver lining, but you know what? Sometimes it’s better to make your own silver lining rather than trying to find one. Making some of the best memories can often start with a smile, a laugh, and even a moment of procrastination. Yes! Even some procrastination can create good memories.

Breathe In Breathe Out

When you are on the path to a new beginning sometimes you just need that moment to breathe. That doesn’t mean procrastinating all the time. It’s about taking that moment to find a silver lining and continuing on. During these times of walking down a new path towards a new beginning with what feels like the weight of the world, take the chance to stop and find the silver lining in it all. It maybe the only thing that helps you feel a breathe of relief in the mist of it all. 

Enjoy the Journey

Good advice to everyone is, try to avoid stress and take a moment to enjoy. Don’t worry you aren’t the only one who wants a perfect graduation! Who wouldn’t want to start a new beginning off perfect! Just remember there is more to life than stressing over perfection and often times the best memories are made out of mistakes. 

A little secret is that most people don’t even realize you made a mistake during graduation. They will only see your accomplishments. So, to our newest graduates of 2024, making mistakes is normal but it’s how you respond to them that counts!


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