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How to Choose the Best Cat Boarding Services for Your Feline Friend

  • September 7, 2023
  • 3 min read
How to Choose the Best Cat Boarding Services for Your Feline Friend

While you’re busy during the holidays, your furry friends need not be left alone. But giving your cat to a friend or family member is not necessarily a good idea.

Giving your pet to a stranger may seem like the only option you have, but it is important to do some research first to find the best cat hotel adelaide boarding services.

If you find your local shelter doesn’t offer temporary pet care or you don’t want to take the risk, then follow this guide to help you find the perfect person to care for your furry friend.

Check Reviews and Ask For Referrals

When looking to choose a cattery, it is important to check online reviews to get a sense of the customer satisfaction rating. You can also read through the reviews to confirm the cat accommodations and vet accessibility.

It is wise to ask for referrals from other cat owners, veterinarians, and pet experts. This can give you an understanding of the boarding services, staff qualifications, and the cat’s experience during their stay.

Consider Any Special Needs Your Cat Might Have

Cats with medical needs or pre-existing conditions may need to stay in a facility that is able to accommodate their condition. Make sure that the pet hotel you have chosen has knowledge and experience with dealing with special needs cats.

They should also be comfortable with administering routine medication for your cat. Make sure to check that they also have all the necessary supplies available. Inquire about the facility’s accommodations and policies to ensure that they are in line with the needs of your cat before booking a stay. An example is a cat boarding in Edmonton. Their website has all the information you need about the feline special services that they can offer.

Make an On-Site Visit to Boarding Facilities

Start by ensuring that the cat lodge is well-kept and all cages are clean. You should also check that the staff is knowledgeable about cats. They should be able to provide appropriate nutrition and can update you about your pet’s stay.

Observe the socialization between cats and the staff. It is important to see if the environment is stimulating and fun for the cats. They should have toys, climbing frames, and other amenities to keep them active. Investigate any medical protocols the facility has to make sure that cats are vaccinated and medicated for existing conditions.

Understand What’s Included in the Boarding Package

Most cat boarding services provide food, litter boxes, as well as bedding and toys. Some services may also offer extra amenities such as brushing, nail trimming, and playtime with a professional handler. Some services also conduct checkups and vaccinations.

Ask your cat boarding service provider how often these will be done. Make sure to check if there will be an extra fee for these services. It is also important to understand what other amenities the cat boarding service may provide. This could include grooming, administering medications, or lovable extra attention.

Research Is Essential for Cat Boarding Services

Finding the most suitable kennel for your beloved feline friend is essential! By taking the time to research reputable cat boarding services and establish a trusting relationship with the staff, you can rest assured that your furry family member will receive the best of care while you’re away. Ask friends and family for their recommendations, or contact the local vet for further advice.

Contact a respected cat boarding service today for your pet-free vacation!

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