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Is My Pet Allowed to Travel By Air in Australia?

  • January 19, 2024
  • 3 min read
Is My Pet Allowed to Travel By Air in Australia?

Travelling with your furry friend is really fun. When you have a short trip to any local place, you like to have your pet with you. But can you carry pets during your flight in Australia? Many Australians do not know whether pets are allowed when they travel by air.

Based on the current aviation safety laws, it is legal to carry pets in aeroplane cabins. However, Australian flight passengers should check the rules of the particular airline before starting journeys with pets. In the USA and Europe, it is common to carry cats and dogs in cabins. That is why many Australian airlines would impose pet-friendly rules for passengers.

Do Australian airlines accept pets in the cabins?

Earlier, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority created a rule that forbade passengers from carrying pets with them. The rule was applicable regardless of the size of your dog. But, in 2021, there was a major amendment to the law, and CASA now allows pets in cabins. Pet lovers in Australia feel that it is a green signal to their flight journey with dogs and cats. However, major airlines in Australia are yet to accept any pets during flights.

If you still want to help your pet reach the destination, you can look for the leading pet transport in Australia.

One thing to be noted is that if it is a domestic flight journey, you may fly with the pet. Till now, Qantas and Virgin Australia are pet-friendly domestic airlines in the country. These airlines also have engaged dog trainers to manage your air travel to any place in Australia. Nevertheless, breeds like Presa Canario and DogoArgentino are not acceptable to most airlines.

More tips for pet parents for a safe flight journey:

Before carrying your pet to the aeroplane’s cabin, you should schedule an appointment with a vet. A health check of your canine or feline pet is important. If your pet is in good health, your journey will be comfortable. Consider vaccinations for your pet to ensure safety.

Using microchips for pets is not mandatory for domestic flights in Australia. But, it is better to implant the chip every time you travel with your pet cat or dog. If you have lost your pet, you can easily trace it.

You may also provide your pets with crate training before starting the flight journey. Your pets will feel comfortable while being confined in your crate. Make sure you have bought airline-approved crates.

Available in various sizes, crates should match the dimensions of your pets. Measure your pet’s height and length to buy the right crate. Purchase it a number of weeks before the travel, so your pets will be accustomed to it. Airline officials will keep the crate closed till the drop-off. Thus, your dogs or cats should feel relaxed inside it.

To conclude, pet owners who have planned a domestic flight in Australia can carry their adorable pets with them. But, they should check the rules and other details provided by the airlines.


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