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More Than Just a Gesture: Cracking The Code To Strategic Corporate Gifting

  • March 30, 2024
  • 4 min read
More Than Just a Gesture: Cracking The Code To Strategic Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting means giving gifts like physical items or digital presents to your employees, clients, or other business connections. It’s a way to build and strengthen relationships.

Doing it right can do more than just make people happy; it can help in maintaining goodwill, fostering loyalty, resulting in increased employee engagement and retention. But the catch is that not just any old gift will do the trick . You’ve got to pick your corporate gifts with care and thought if you want them to meet your expectations and make the right impression .

Some other advantages of corporate gifting may include-

Building Relations: Corporate gifting helps in maintaining relationships with the company’s clients, employees, and partners. It shows them that they are appreciated and valued, and their efforts are being noticed.

Tool for Marketing and Promotion: By giving brand customized gifts, we indirectly promote our brand and create a presence of the same in the market. 

Customer Retention and Loyalty: Gifts to customers can increase their partnership or association with the company. They feel valued, and hence, it can lead to long term relationships with the company. 

Employee Morale and Motivation: Acknowledgement, recognition, and appreciation serve as the foundational pillars supporting any workforce. Through corporate gifting, employers have an opportunity to make a tangible demonstration of these pillars and acknowledge the efforts of their employees.

However to reap the advantages of corporate gifting the key lies in the meticulous selection of corporate gifts that resonate with the specific occasion, recipient and cultural context . 

We will help you with some key factors to consider while choosing your corporate hampers-

Relevance: The one-size fits all approach does not always work when it comes to corporate gifting. The gift could be something related to their industry, a celebration like a promotion, or even a wellness gift to support work-life balance.. This helps in adding meaning to the gift and more likely to be well-received and appreciated by the recipient. 

Quality: A high-quality corporate gift or hamper will last for a longer duration, and so will your brand value, as it will serve as a tangible reminder of the positive experience with your company. So, investing your money in premium quality gifts can be a worthwhile expense for your company.

Branding: Custom corporate merchandise and packaging can be a great option when putting together a corporate gift, however, your company’s branding should be incorporated subtly into the gift. There should be a delicate balance between brand representation and tasteful representation, making sure that it does not overwhelm the recipient.

Usefulness: Unlike the gifts that are just for show, useful gifts will be used and seen regularly, thus keeping your brand at the forefront of the recipient’s mind. A practical gift conveys your care and makes the gift more than just a gesture.

Personalization: A generic gift can feel impersonal like you went for the easy option . A personalized gift shows you took the time to delve into the likes, needs preferences & interests of the recipient, which automatically creates a positive impact in the receiver’s mind. Such kinds of gifts also have a high probability of being used for a longer time as compared to generic gifts. Personalized gifts tap into emotions and thus are memorable. 

Sustainability: Sustainability is the need of the hour and companies today are actively incorporating sustainable practices . By giving out sustainable gifts you show the care about the earth and also its recipients. It reduces your environmental footprint and also inspires the receivers to include sustainable practices in their lifestyle. Companies may consider environmentally friendly options such as reusable products, eco-friendly packaging, bamboo or cork products, etc.

Delivery Logistics: HRs, admins, and managers usually have hundreds of other tasks to look after and managing the delivery of bulk corporate gifts across multiple locations and recipients should not be an addition to that list. To take this stress off of the company’s shoulders, corporate gifting companies nowadays provide end-to-end support and take care of the delivery and logistics for you. So, consider this as a crucial factor while looking for companies that you want to collaborate with, for corporate gifting.

Giving gifts is not just a compulsion; it enhances the company culture and brings out strong company values. In a world where a lot of corporate hampers are a collection of diaries, pens and sweets, The Zappy Box offers a huge range of products from everyday essentials to unique tech gifts that stand out. Their offering includes both ready-to-ship and custom corporate hampers. You can check them  out for amazing options!

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