According to the Census Bureau, the poverty in Oshkosh is 18.8%. Some of these are single parents, veterans, seniors, mentally ill, disabled and everyday people who have fallen on hard times. Thanks to a grant from Coldwell Banker Real Estate Group Oshkosh, NEW PAWSibilities Dog Rescue and Shelter will begin providing free nutritious dog food and treats to families in need through their RUFF Times Food Pantry. This program is designed to help families continue to care for their dogs as people struggle through financial hardship and hunger.

“After we rescue a dog we work to create lasting families throughout Northeast Wisconsin,” says Marketing and Communications Manager Carmen Scott. “Regardless of how they got here, many families living in poverty have to sometimes make the impossible decision of giving up their beloved companions. By providing temporary assistance, NEW PAWSibilities hopes to help with the dog’s nutritional needs and reduce the number of pets surrendered for financial reasons. RUFF Times Food Pantry located inside NEW PAWSibilities is our newest way to help keep families intact while helping dogs get the food and love they deserve during times of need.”

The food pantry will be entirely donation-driven using only volunteers and donated food from the community thereby taking nothing from the rescue dog’s resources. The only criteria to receive food is that dogs must have a current dog license in any municipality and must be spayed or neutered. Families will be given scheduled food based on their dog’s size and age. RUFF Times Food Pantry (2300 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh) will be open whenever the shelter is open. Due to COVID, our hours have changed please scroll down to check hours.

“Oshkosh and surrounding communities have proven themselves to be generous time and time again,” continues Scott. “We are excited that businesses have agreed to accept dog food (wet or dry) and treats for the four-legged members of our community. Donations are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off at one of the businesses listed below or at 2300 Algoma Blvd. Individuals may also choose to donate online, make a cash donation, or have food sent directly to the shelter through Amazon or other online retailers.

NEW PAWSibilities is a no-kill shelter serving families in Northeast Wisconsin. Our mission is to create a world where every dog can be surrounded by love. We get enormous satisfaction by connecting people and dogs because, as simple as it sounds, love is just a wag away.

If you or a business you know would like to host a collection bin please email For more information about NEW PAWSibilities or RUFF Times Food Pantry visit

Because of COVID-19 we are no longer accepting donations through our community donation locations. Please call 920-385-0809 to arrange to donate food. You may also ship food directly via Amazon or any other online purchasing option. We will let you know when and where the barrels will be in the future. 

Preferred Foods:

As a shelter, we have rescued and cared for close to 10,000 dogs since we opened. We know that a nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keep dogs healthy. The following is the list of foods that we feed our rescue dogs but we understand that people will donate what they use for their pets and or what they can afford. We are extremely appreciative of any food donation and will work with families to help them come up with a transition plan to incorporate new foods into their dog’s diet.

  • Fromms Family Foods
  • Instinct
  • Nutro
  • Natural Balance
  • Blue
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Rachel Ray Nutrish