A Lover of People

We love PAWSitive Endings! And when it's a perfect weather weekend we love them even more. Look at this beauty!   "Good morning,   Princess (Fiona) has been with us almost two months now and is doing very well. We couldn't love her more. A great dog who everyone who comes in contact with her [...]

A Lover of People2022-06-18T06:06:24-06:00

Isn’t He Lovely?

Short, sweet, and to the point. We adore PAWSitive Ending stories.   "My wife was there last weekend and we adopted Bo.   What a wonderful addition to our family. Such a cutie.   Thank you for doing what you do. We are so pleased to have him.   Have a great day!"

Isn’t He Lovely?2022-06-09T07:28:45-06:00

She Loves Her Rubber Balls!

What a sweet little pooch. We love PAWSitive Endings.   "Five years ago in January we got Polly/now Asia and the only regret is we should have got a sibling. She’s a delight and super smart full of kisses and loves her rubber ball." — Enrike Newbie

She Loves Her Rubber Balls!2022-06-08T07:41:16-06:00

Gotcha Times Two

Starting June off with a Gotcha Day PAWSitive Ending! What a happy and big boy!   "Two years ago we adopted the sweetest most loving puppy from your shelter.   Leroy (formally Landon) fit into our family immediately and our older female dog is no longer lonely.   He weighs about 100lbs now, and still [...]

Gotcha Times Two2022-06-01T05:06:07-06:00

Just Add Food and Love!

We love, love, love this post. The best PAWSitive Ending, ever.   "Yesterday was Happy One Year GOTCHA DAY To Meko!! He has loved and hugged his human brother from day one!! He is well loved and well fed. He has gained 22 much needed pounds!!" —Leslie Fulton

Just Add Food and Love!2022-05-27T10:11:16-06:00

From Fearful to Friendly

Another PAWSitive Ending, and this one with DNA results. What a wonderful story! "I wanted to send an update on Lucian - now Ember who we adopted back in middle February. She was such a scared little girl, but she has come such a long way!  She is the most playful, energetic, cuddler and kisser [...]

From Fearful to Friendly2022-05-08T13:30:26-06:00

They Complete Our Family

Nothing celebrates National Pet Month like a PAWSitive Ending. And this one is times two.   "I want to say thank you for all you do to save wonderful dogs and help them find their perfect families.   We are so grateful and happy to have been able to adopt Ollie (aka Comet) and Milo [...]

They Complete Our Family2022-05-02T09:18:19-06:00

The Sweetest, Cuddliest Girl

The first day of May brings the first PAWSitive Endings of the many this month. "Hello,   We adopted “Ella” about a month ago, a Beagle/Feist mix, and wanted to let you know how happy we are to have her as part of our family. Our daughter renamed her “Stella” and she has been such [...]

The Sweetest, Cuddliest Girl2022-05-01T05:45:49-06:00

What a Difference Patience Makes!

Today is National Tell a Good Story Day and we have a good PAWSitive Ending story which is the best kind of all. Look at the change in expressions. He's even learned to drive a car!   "This photo is the one you had for your listing   Just wanted to let you know how [...]

What a Difference Patience Makes!2022-04-27T05:03:59-06:00

Favorite Family Member

Another PAWSitive Ending!   "Two years ago we adopted a scared, anxious puppy. It took months before he would even walk around the block without trying to run for home.   Slowly Demetri (formerly Jyles) has grown out of his nervous shell into such an amazing dog. He now enjoys all of our adventures from [...]

Favorite Family Member2022-04-26T04:50:26-06:00
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