A Little Spitfire…In a Good Way

Oh, Baby! And another wonderful PAWSitive Ending.   Hello! Here are some updated pictures of "Callie2", now named "Peach".   She is equal parts spitfire and cuddler. She loves her big brother, rescue Aussie/Mix, Bailey.   She is still working on leash manners and trusting strangers, but is making leaps and bounds each day.   [...]

A Little Spitfire…In a Good Way2022-08-16T05:56:29-06:00

A Guide Dog in the Making

"We adopted "Austin" on Monday, the 8th and I just wanted to give you an update. Candy was the one helping us. He is such a little angel!   He's come out of his shell very well. He already walks at heel almost perfectly--took him one day to learn. He is so calm and happy [...]

A Guide Dog in the Making2022-08-16T05:45:25-06:00

Happy Birthday, Dear Maisie!

Yeah! A PAWSitive Ending! All that love plus a birthday party and some very wise words.   "We recently celebrated Maisie's 1 year adoption day two months ago. She got spoiled with treats and gifts, and has been a great addition to our family.   She loves going to daycare, playing with bones, going on [...]

Happy Birthday, Dear Maisie!2022-08-10T05:16:32-06:00

Niff Niff the Super Camper

We love updates from our adopters about how their dogs are settling in. Please send us some updates. We have not had PAWSitive Ending stories lately and we need some good news. You can email them to me at carmennewpaws@gmail.com.   But today we have a fun one from Michelle.   "Here are some pictures [...]

Niff Niff the Super Camper2022-08-04T05:48:07-06:00

A Hamburger Loving Girl

We love PAWSitive Endings and this is a wonderful one. Thank you for loving your dogs and for sharing such wonderful stories with us. "Jim and I wanted to give you folks an update on Java who was adopted in May. Now Cleo, she has settled into our family life and has chosen Jim as [...]

A Hamburger Loving Girl2022-07-09T06:38:39-06:00

Gotcha and a Baby, Too!

Today is our Daisy girls gotcha day. It’s been 3 years since this little lady turned our world upside down. She has been the most caring and wonderful mama bear. She knew our little boy was here before we even knew (we adopted her 1 week before getting the positive pregnancy test after trying [...]

Gotcha and a Baby, Too!2022-06-22T10:21:14-06:00

All The Kids Are Fine!

These dogs aren't spoiled at all! We are loving this PAWSitive Ending! "Hello! Just wanted to give a friendly update on Jax, one of your pups we adopted about a month ago, and he is THRIVING! He’s absolutely in love with our other dog, Raleigh, that we rescued from you guys going on three years [...]

All The Kids Are Fine!2022-06-21T06:01:55-06:00

Best Friend Doggos

Another PAWSitive Ending! What a good day it is. "Good morning from Tia and her new family! I just wanted to send an update of how we are doing with her so far! She is fitting in really well in our household. We are seeing no aggression issues, her and our dog get along great, [...]

Best Friend Doggos2022-06-18T06:11:22-06:00
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