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The most downloaded games ever by Android users

  • June 2, 2023
  • 4 min read
The most downloaded games ever by Android users

When one once thought of video games, the mind automatically reconnected to the arcade cabinets found in almost every country. Then came the period of home entertainment with the arrival of consoles in the homes of many gamers, such as the PlayStation, the Xbox and the various Nintendo devices. In the third macro-period, on the other hand, people went out of their homes again, but this time thanks to smartphones in their pocket with all their favorite games: online betting apps like Rokubet or those to challenge your friends in online competitions .

The phenomenon has been allowed by portable consoles such as the PlayStation Portable and Vita, the various types of Nintendo DS, up to the recent Switch. However, the world of games that can be played away from home at any time is not limited to products from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but can also be reached from an object of daily use: the smartphone with lots of games for iPhone and Android devices.

Let’s get into the specifics and see which are the most used games in the world on smartphones and tablets with the Android system. Of these, moreover, you can find a variant of some even in non-AAMS online casinos. In numerical terms, what are the most downloaded games in this sector?

The most popular one of all is Subway Surfers, which currently has almost one and a half billion downloads and over 37 million ratings on the Play Store. If each download were worth a single inhabitant of our planet, it would mean that the game would have been downloaded by one in six people.

Subway Surfers consists of a modern version of the historical Temple Run, in which you had to run away from the enemy, dodging roots, jumping between bridges and destroyed roads, collecting as many coins as possible. Here, instead of finding himself in an Aztec temple, the main character travels on the tracks aboard a hoverboard, trying to dodge the trains and other obstacles in front of him.

In second place, a game that has now made history especially on Facebook. We’re talking about Candy Crush Saga which, in the Android version, has almost reached one billion downloads in its original version alone, not counting all the spin-offs created, such as “Soda”, “Friends” and many others. The game has almost 34 million reviews which lead it to have four and a half stars on the Play Store.

Pou also finds a place in this ranking, with around 700 million downloads made. It is a modern reinterpretation of the very popular Tamagotchi that characterized the years between the end of the nineties and the beginning of the last decade. Also in this case you have to take care of a virtual pet that you have to feed it, not forgetting to medicate it and play with it.

Still talking about reinterpretations, there is also a very popular board game in India, which then also had success on phones all over the world. It is called Ludo King and derives from the ancient game Pachisi, whose birth dates back to the historical period between the 2nd and 1st millennium BC. Having become the number 1 game in India during the lockdown, Ludo King has recently found space even in non-AAMS casinos.

The last one we mention today, although not least, is Clash of Clans, another game that has been popular on the mobile phones of millions of people for years. Classifiable as a war game, it recently surpassed half a billion downloads. Still very popular at the moment because once the first game has started, it will be difficult to do without it.

Honorable mention to games that have effectively launched the trend on portable devices, such as the aforementioned Temple Run and its second chapter which in total exceed one billion downloads, Angry Birds which is approaching the 500 million milestone and Fruit Ninja who instead counts just over 400 million.

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