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Three Mindset Shifts to Achieve Your Goals

  • April 15, 2024
  • 6 min read
Three Mindset Shifts to Achieve Your Goals

Irrespective of what your goal is and what you want to achieve, your mindset matters the most – once you shift your mindset, you have already won at least 80% of your battle – if not 90%. The truth is that you are capable of achieving so much more than you ever thought possible; however, the condition is to hold your head straight and not hold yourself back with limiting beliefs and a generally poor mindset.

There are several important mindset shifts that can help you change your life and achieve your goal.

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Framing, Framing, and Framing

The first mindset shift that you want to focus on is to understand that framing is everything. No one of us has control over the external aspects of our lives; however, we can fully control how we can frame specific events that result from those forces.

For instance, if someone loses their job without a warning, there is a choice to be made as to how to view the loss. The affected individual can choose to view the loss as a reflection of their inherent worth and wind up feeling like an utter failure. Another mindset shift would be the choice of viewing the loss as a potential opportunity.

Of course, there are very real consequences of losing a job – no one can deny this; however, the difference lies in how each way the person interprets the situation will ultimately make the affected person feel, which will then contribute heavily to the final outcome of the situation.

In the given example, if the person feels like a failure, they are less likely to see that other opportunities exist. Or, if they see that other opportunities exist, they might not go for them, as they might be feeling so down on themselves.

On the other hand, if a person sees the job loss as a potential opportunity, they might end up feeling energized and hopeful, which will enable them to spot more opportunities as they arise. The right frame of mind will enable you to turn the situation around more quicker than if you were to just sit around and get down about the situation and yourself.

Immense Effort is Required

The next mindset shift that will change your life for the better is that immense effort is unavoidable if you want to achieve anything big. This aspect is quite self-evident. For instance if you want to become best-selling author, you must do the work that is required to get there, which includes writing every day and hiring the right people for the various aspects of your book, which also includes you to hire illustrators in Australia, that is, if you are in Australia, and want to ensure that you have a saleable book cover to market in the book industry.

You don’t want to believe the misconception that if you are good at something, then it should come almost effortlessly. Also, you shouldn’t believe that whatever it is that you are doing, if it is taking a lot of effort, it means you are doing it wrong or that you are not good at it.

Whatever you are doing and putting your time, effort, and dedication in, you might not help yourself, but think why it is taking so long for you to kick off. You might also wonder whether it takes everyone this long. You might have second thoughts about your abilities and worry about why you are struggling so hard with things when everyone else seems to get them so easily.

If you really look around and do the research, you might be surprised to know that the people who are successful at whatever they are doing are precisely so because they are spending way more time than you, which is why they are so successful.

A lot of people hold the misbelief that they shouldn’t have to put in a ton of effort for something, especially their goals. For instance, many people claim that they want to have a self-publishing business so they can quit their jobs, pay off debts, have location independence, autonomy over their time, etc.

Yet – once people discover exactly how much effort is truly required, which is a lot, what then happens is that a lot of people, about 80% of them, quit. Most people want the reward without the effort, which is never going to happen.

Also, when things get hard, which they always do, some people cope by moving on to the next big thing and end up never actually getting anywhere with anything.

Choose Progress over Perfection

You might want to make this mindset shift your personal mantra, especially if you are a perfectionist and currently recovering from perfectionism. Progress is absolutely mandatory to keep moving forward rather than staying stuck in endless rounds of tweaking or not even getting started on something at all because you might be too afraid that you won’t like the end result.

That said, when you know that you don’t necessarily have to get something right the first time around and when you give yourself permission to suck at something during the process of learning how to do it, and that you can come back to it and make valid improvements – you are instantly liberated from the perfectionism that will ultimately hold you back.

The best thing to do is to look at everything as an experiment, which will give you the motivation to just do it without getting stuck at all the “what-ifs” and possibilities of the worst-case scenarios that could happen and all the things that could go wrong.

Just do the thing that you are doing, and if it needs adjusting, you can adjust it later. Also, don’t make the mistake of attaching your personal worth to the outcome. You will want to be like a scientist, running experiments, testing hypotheses, and knowing that something will work and others won’t.

You must always remember that action, even if it is an imperfect action, is still action. So, always choose progress over perfectionism.

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