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Top 4 Signs Your Dog Needs Professional Training

  • April 16, 2024
  • 5 min read
Top 4 Signs Your Dog Needs Professional Training

As a pet parent, you’ve probably come home to chewed-up furniture, endless barking, or tug-of-war during walks. Such instances are usually frustrating and can strain your relationship with your furry friend. An excellent way out is professional dog training. 

Many dog owners are reluctant about professional training, as they’re not sure whether its benefits are worth the cost and effort. However, having your dog trained by an expert offers long-term value. About 73% of dog owners use some kind of training method to improve their dog’s behavior. Follow suit. For one, training improves your dog’s behavior, resulting in easier walks, minimized destruction, and increased trust between you two. Expert trainers can also help unearth the causes of unpleasant dog behaviors and change them for good. (1)

But the first step to take before embarking on dog training is to identify critical signs that they need professional help. Here are 4 signs your dog might benefit from some expert guidance:

  • Uncontrollable leash pulling 

Some dogs raise a fierce battle when leashed for a walk. They constantly drag you along, making your arms feel strained. This makes dog walks a dreaded chore, yet it’s critical for their health and you can’t just give it up.

It’s also good to note that leash pulling can endanger you and your dog. If your dog manages to break free, it can run into traffic and get hit or ignite scuffles with other animals. Leash pulling can also make you lose your footing and cause injuries. With such challenges, the walks become burdensome rather than refreshing.  

In this case, a trainer can help teach them loose-leash walking and make strolls more peaceful. Your dog learns to walk gently beside you, respecting the leash’s boundaries. And you’ll bid bye to frustrations; you’ll no longer get stressed about your dog’s safety and well-being whenever you take it out for a walk.  

You can either hire a dog trainer to come to your home for the training sessions or take them to board and train programs, like a K9 training bootcamp. These programs often involve group settings, where dogs from different families learn alongside each other. This social interaction can be a big advantage for some dogs, helping them with socialization skills and building confidence in new environments.

  • Nonstop barking 

About 72 to 85% of dogs exhibit at least one behavioral problem. So don’t feel like you are alone. Incessant barking for example grates on your nerves disturbs your neighbors and even makes it difficult to relax at home . Such behavior can be a sign that your dog needs professional help. (2) 

Excessive barking results from boredom or your dog may just be seeking attention. Others do it because of separation anxiety, while for others, it might be a reaction to triggers they see or hear around them, perhaps other dogs, strangers, or delivery vehicles.  

Expert training can help identify the exact cause of your dog’s barking problem and develop a tailored training plan. They can teach them alternative ways of communicating instead of barking. Experts can also desensitize your dog to the triggers that cause them to bark, such that they no longer see these things as a threat. 

  • Destructive behavior 

Some dogs can tear shoes into shreds, rip apart cushions, and chew on just every other item they find lying around. This can cause significant losses.  

One reason for such destructive behavior is the anxiety that comes with the owner being away. Chewing helps relieve their stress. Meanwhile boredom and under stimulation can also trigger destructive tendencies . By understanding the cause of the destructive behavior you can find a lasting solution to help your furry friend .

Professional trainers can address this destructive behavior. They can coach you on how to provide your dog with enough mental and physical stimulation. They’ll also help you establish healthy routines that include playtime exercise and safe chew toys for your dog to enjoy.   

  • Aggression towards people or other animals 

Aggression in dogs is a grave issue that needs to be addressed. Growling lunging snapping or biting are all signs that should not be taken lightly . Did you know that every year an estimated 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs? These bites can cause not only physical injuries but also emotional trauma. (3)

To keep yourself your dog, and others safe, seek professional help from a qualified trainer. Experts can evaluate your dog’s behavior and suggest how to make them calmer. You will also learn how to manage their environment to minimize triggers and how to teach your dog alternative, appropriate responses to stressful situations. Don’t wait until an accident happens –get help early !

In closing

A dog struggling with the issues noted above evidently needs professional training . Ignoring such behavioral issues may negatively impact your life and your dog’s well being. So taking steps to address them is critical . 

Although it’s important to note that training takes time, depending on how deep rooted the behaviors are. So be patient and in due time you will see remarkable changes in your dog’s behavior .  


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