This is a bitter-sweet note to write to everyone who follows and supports NEW PAWSibilities

Jim Dearing

I have decided that NEW PAWS will be closing as of October 1st 2022.

10 years of my life have been dedicated to the dogs and people of NEW PAWS and I have loved and hated parts of it all. But as I get older, the desire to be under constant pressure and strain is taking its toll and I feel now is as right of a time as ever to say goodbye.

I love so many of the people who have passed through our doors or reached out over the years and been my constant light through darkness. There are and will always be people who “know better and can do the job better” with never having done any part of rescue. But our supporters see our truth and abilities here.

This is not an easy decision. I love the staff who have been like family to me. Candi has been such a base of knowledge for the customers when they adopt. Chase keeps things moving and working smoothly and always has a smile. Carmen has been our guide the past few years and I have leaned on her so very much, and she has shown the community what NEW PAWS is truly about. Chance left a year ago but I would be remiss to not mention this force who is like a son to me. Thank you for your strength. I am optimistic they will all land on their feet and do great things in this world. Thank you all for saving me from the people who constantly tried bringing me down.

The economy and the economic downturn since COVID are the main factors. We survive month to month never knowing if we’ll have enough money to pay the bills. We have been the little shelter that could for 10 years and the struggle has been real and hard fought. With all the increased expenses we are just struggling to keep things moving and it has come to the point where the little engine has run out of steam.

We are outgrowing our building and it needs to have a lot of work done to get it to the point of pride we want. We have been renting it for 10 years and it is a very old, many times converted building, and it has worn out its usefulness for us.

A year and a few months ago I moved an hour away from Oshkosh and that makes for a lot of travel daily. And although I do not mind the drive, it is definitely a factor when it comes to this decision.

I know some people are going to be happy to hear this news and to them I say “You truly don’t know how many lives we impacted positively over the years both two and four-legged.”

But for my supportive wonderful and amazingly caring people who have been by my side through thick and thin. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I TRULY LOVE YOU ALL AND WISH YOU ALL GREAT THINGS!




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