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Cash of Rush Hour (franchise): An American Movie Franchise

  • June 28, 2024
  • 5 min read
Cash of Rush Hour (franchise): An American Movie Franchise

Our today’s topic is cash of rush hour (franchise). You all have heard about rush hour (franchise). Rush hour is an American movie. This movie is a comedy genre film. Multiple parts of this movie has been released till date. This movie was directed by Brett Ratner. The story of the first part of the movie was written by Ross LaManna. The second and third part was written by Jeff Nathanson. This movie was produced by Jonathan Glickman, Jay stern, Robert Birbaum, Roger Birnbaum, Michael Poryes, and Aurthur M. Sarkissian. Rush and hour was edited by Mark Possy, Billy Weber Robert .Lambert, and Don ZImmerman. Lalo Schifrin, Mark Motgersbaugh, and Nile Rodgers.

Overview: Cash of Rush Hour (franchise)

The first edition of this movie was released in the year 1998. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker played the lead role in all the installment of this movie. In every part of this movie Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker played the role of an officer. The concept of the movie movies around the high risk crimes which has a lot of adventure. Moreover, now the thing is that both officer needs to go on such missions. So it shows a lot of skill of those officers as they are the lead characters of the movie. In this whole movie the story runs very funnily.

First Installment: Cash of Rush Hour (franchise)

In the year 1998 on 18th September this movie was released worldwide. Chris Tucker was not the first choice for the role of James Carter. The first choice for the role of James Carter was Martin Lawrence. Director has seen Jackie Chan in his Chinese movies. Brett the director the movie loved the work of Jackie Chan. He knew that the action and the comic characters played by Jackie Chan was very amazing. That’s why he thought to bring all those things into his movies in the country United States of America.

Moreover, is another thought to bring Jackie Chan in American movies was something new to the audience of United States of America. Director even picked the scenes from some of his old movies. Through this idea his movie work well on the box office. The first part of rush hour did the business of $245, 300,000 all over the world.

Second Installment: Cash of Rush Hour (franchise)

After the success of the first part the makers started working on the second installment instantly. Even the second part was released in the year 2021 on August 3. Apart from the lead actors not a single wad featured or repeated in the second part. Moreover, this part earned $347, 425,832 across the globe. Is part of the movie became more successful than the first part. The audience gave several kind of reviews. Many of them said that movie was good enough as compared to the first one. On the other hand people said it first part was much better than the second one.

Third and the Last Installment: Cash of Rush Hour (franchise)

As the world has witnessed that release of the second part after the first one got it on the box office across the world. 3rd installment of this movie was released on 10th August, 2007. Moreover, the office of film and literature classification rated this movie M. MPAA rated this movie PG-13. It is all because of the nude, sexual, and extreme violent content. In China this movie was not released to make things better for the foreign films.

Next Part: Cash of Rush Hour (franchise)

The huge success of all the three installments to make curse are looking for the next part of this movie. Moreover, this time they took a lot of time a lot of years to make a come back with another part. According to the directors and the producers they are looking for a great concept of the movie. They said in an interview that below working with Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. Moreover, they added that they looking for great story with the great concert in which the action and adventure and the comedy will be on the next level. According to the reports it seems that audience will fitness the fourth installment of this movie soon. Some inside reports also tells that a lot of investment has been done on this movie this movie going to release soon for sure.

Cash of Rush Hour (franchise)
Cash of Rush Hour (franchise)


Lastly, we want to say that all the parts of this movie was very funny and full of adventure. This movie got some criticism as well, but apart from that this movie got a good response by the audience. Though the best part in the aspect of earning wad second part. The unique concept for the audience of United States of America was the reason behind it’s success.

The another thing is that it’s every part was best. In the first two parts there were no big difference in the time of their release. Then they took some good years and came back with a new concept. It shows their dedication and the determination of towards their work. The makers always wanted to serve the best quality. If you have not watched this movie yet then why are you depriving yourself from a great source of entertainment. Just go and watch it out.


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