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Call Prank Call Platform

  • June 4, 2024
  • 5 min read
Call Prank Call Platform

It has been proved that technology can do anything. You guys have seen many prank videos and has also done many pranks with your family members and friends. So one of the technology based prank platform is call Call bomber is a platform or a website where the users can enter anybody’s phone number and then that person will receive numerous spam calls as a prank. Nobody is restricted to that. It allows this service to everyone and anybody can easily access this platform for free. This is one of the best platform for doing a prank with somebody. Till the time user will not click on the stop tab so for that mean time the call will not stop on the receiver’s phone. There are many pros and cons of this platform. This article will explain everything about this platform which should be known to society.

Overview: Call

Call is a website to make prank calls. There is nothing hard in this process. To use this platform, the user can easily open the website and put the number of the person with whom they want to do a prank. Then just enter on the tab bomb and then that person will start receiving the prank calls from different numbers. When the person who started the calls will click the tab stop then the receiver will stop getting the fake calls.

Functioning of Call

As we have already mentioned in the last sections that what this platform does. So this platform makes prank calls to the number the user will enter. To place a call, the user needs to click in the box which make sure that you are agreeing with the terms and conditions of the platform. The main thing is that in many of the sites and in almost all the platforms where it asks for the number so it also ask the user to enter the country code. But when it comes to call bomber. So call bomber identifies the country code according to the number. There is no need to enter the country code.

This platform makes a huge numbers of call within the minimum period of time as it keeps on calling to the entered number continuously without any delay. It only stops making calls when the user clicks the stop button available on the button. The user does not need to make calls again and again by themselves manually.

The number will be different and not a single number can get identified through the apps available in the market. The number will be totally anonymous. Even these numbers are not even easily traceable. If somebody will use a very good technology to identify or trace these numbers, then only it is possible. So there will not be any issue for the user to get caught by the person with whom they are making prank.

There are a lot of things which user can set by themselves. That makes the call a prank according to the person. Like the user can set the duration of the call and the frequency and many more things option which are available on the platform.

Attack on Mental Health: Call

There are many things which should not be ignored by the people while using the apps. So these calls should be limited there should be some restrictions and the limitations on the number of the calls. A lot of calls to the same person will make the person feel like there is something wrong with him. The person will feel very stressed and will start overthinking.

This can send that person to the legal authorities and the number can not be traced easily. So in the initial phase the authorities will also tell the person to stay calm will tell him or her to not consider as a threat. But after a point of time it the person will start feeling some kind of fear like somebody is behind that person. It can create stress and will harm the mental health of a person badly.

Legal Issues: Call

There are some laws which can put the person who uses this site for making prank calls into a good trouble. So those troubles are like if the person who has been targeted then if that person will go to the higher authorities then the authorities will see the seriousness of the situation and how many times did the person make the call. According to that they will find the culprit will be behind the bars or will have to pay fine. The case can be of Harassment. Now if somebody is getting fake calls again and again then after a point of time it will irritate the person and it is an obvious thing. In this case the person does not want to receive those calls again and again. So obviously it is a harassment.

It can also be reported under the cyber-crime as it will use the technology so obviously it will a cyber-crime. Now in this case the privacy of the person is also losing. Without the permission of the person his or her number is being shared on such a website will be an offence.



Laslty, we want to say using this website can be a trouble to the user or to the person who is getting the calls. As it is making prank calls. These calls are not easily traceable. So if this site can do such things then it can create an issue to you. Along with that even if you are using this website then you should be limit the number of calls.


As this is a website which provides the service which is not legal according to the law. We just wrote an article on this. So use this website at your own risk.

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