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Develop your online store from scratch

  • August 31, 2023
  • 3 min read
Develop your online store from scratch

We can no longer imagine our lives without online shopping, and the pandemic has only accelerated this trend. The importance of technology will only grow because it is critical to be aware of everything that is going on around you during times of constraint. As a result, the online commerce industry will have a significant advantage in the post-pandemic era.Before we take you through the steps to develop that website, let us first talk about the cost.

What Does It Cost to Create an E-commerce Website?

The exact cost of developing a custom eCommerce website depends on a variety of factors for each business. As a result, it is impossible to provide a total cost for all eCommerce sites. The only thing we can do is list the key factors that influence the cost of developing a website for an online store. Let’s now look at the steps.

Steps of developing a website.

  •      Select a domain name 

A domain is the network address of your website. Customers usually remember an online store by its domain, so a catchy name is essential to the success of your company. Make it simple to remember while remaining consistent with your company name.

  •      Select an eCommerce Platform 

There are numerous eCommerce platforms available for creating an online store. However, not all of them can handle high traffic and business growth. Most retailers will benefit from the Magento and Shopware platforms. Can’t decide which solution is best for your company? There are numerous excellent eCommerce Website Development Companies available to assist you in making your decision.

  •      Design your site

Consider the platform’s expected traffic and the number of customers. A small online store with limited traffic will cost less than a large site with many users. As traffic grows, there is a greater need for more dependable hosting, as well as more frequent maintenance and, in some cases, more complex features. All of this necessitates more hours and skills from web developers, though this factor can be mitigated by enlisting the help of an outside development team.

  •      Host your site

It is critical to select the best hosting for your website. Most SaaS platforms provide some level of hosting, though storage, bandwidth, and even the number of orders, customers, and products are limited. SaaS hosting, on the other hand, can be a good option for startups and small businesses. Most business owners migrate to dedicated hosting as their company grows.

  •      Protect your site using SSL 

SSL certification is a standard security technology for protecting data and transactions in online commerce. Without SSL, an online store is vulnerable to hackers and cannot rank high on Google. Furthermore, most users avoid eCommerce sites that do not have a padlock icon in the browser address bar because they are concerned about their personal and credit card information. Different SSL certificates are now available for purchase. If a high Google ranking and the security of your customers’ data are important to you, then you have to find out SSL certificate cost and choose one that best suits your budget.


You now have an idea of what you will need to develop an eCommerce website in 2023. There are numerous eCommerce Website Development Companies offering their services online and they can assist you in converting your ideas into reality.


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