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Komal Pandey: Middle Class To Top Fashion Influencer

  • April 24, 2024
  • 6 min read
Komal Pandey: Middle Class To Top Fashion Influencer

She is not a TikTok that followers would come super easily for her and she is not that personality who has an Elvish Yadev-type aesthetic. Komal Pandy is one of India’s biggest fashion influencers.


She is not the one who started it because that tag would go to somebody like Masoom Minawala Mehta, but her contribution is indeed massive. This is something that tells a lot about her and the impact she has made. Coming from a middle-class family and then making her impact in India and beyond does tell what Komal is made of. So, sit back as we would cover the details and beyond about Komal.


Komal Pandy Biography


Komal Pandey is India’s leading fashion influencer and content creator. She is Gurgaon-based. The meaning of her name is “Soft”. She comes from an Indian Brahmin family. India’s fashion icon was born on 18 June 1994.


The birthplace of Siddharth Batra’s girlfriend is New Delhi, India. As her name starts from K, the Astro sign of Komal is Gemini. But her zodiac sign, as per birthdate, is Gemini only. And it is kind of a rare combination that with date and name, it has the same sign for sure.


Nationality: Indian

Ethnicity: Brown

Religion: Hinduism



Physical Stats of Komal Pandy

Here are the notes to have for sure…


  • Height: 5 FEET 2 inches
  • Weight: 55 KG
  • Body Measurements: 32-26-32 INCHES
  • Shoe Size: 7 (US)
  • Tattoo: Yes
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Eye Colour: Dark Brown


Komal Pandey Before And After


Komal Pandey has done cosmetic surgery on her face. Like lip fillers and Botox are two surgeries she has done. In 2023, she did some enhancements to it. And at the time around September 2023, it did create a lot of news on social media where people were talking, she could not even smile. The news became big because she denied doing any such thing. But in the same month, she came up on social media and told her followers on Instagram that she had done these surgeries.


Due to being a skinny girl, many did try to judge her and it was a mental health problem and situation for her. This shows how society makes a girl feel.


But the surgeries make her feel confident, so it is perfectly fine. Also, from this angle one can say that a lot of people envy these stars because they could not be able to do it. And hence, people did jump.



Komal Pandey: Family


Komal Pandey hails from a typical Indian middle-class family. Sangeeta Pandey is her mother and Rahul Pandey is her father. Mayank Pandey is the brother of Komal. He is the youngest in the family. The nickname of Mayank is Minku. He did engage before Komal. Komal paid most of the sum for the event and managed to do it in the Taj Palace which is one of the best places to hold event in New Delhi. It did happen in 2023.

Komal had purchased a flat for her parents long back. It was a huge take for her because most of their lives, living on rent only was kind of a burden for her. She does not live with her parents but takes care of them well.


Komal Pandey Education


A Bachelor of Commerce from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College is the degree Komal earned from Delhi University. As a child, she was kind of a decent student. She could have been a CA.


But her aim was always to make an impact in fashion, which is very hard as leaving well-known people it is hard to make great sums.


But yes, her education has helped her somewhere or the other for sure.



Komal Pandey Boyfriend and Buying Villa


Komal Pandey has had some relationships in her life.



Before starting the relationship with Siddharth Batra, she was with a person named Ravit Shrivastava; who works as an entrepreneur now based in the United States.


But it was Siddharth Batra who came and helped Komal as a partner. They did start to date in 2019. Komal met Siddharth as he was a good friend of Dolly Singh. Even there is a talk on socials that Siddharth hooked up with Dolly in Komal’s room when they met first. Even the fame of Komal helped Siddharth to become a content creator in fashion. And now with some brands, they work together and earn great sums together.

Komal Pandey
Indian influencer Komal Pandey


In April 2024, they did buy a Villa in Gurugram together. It was a very emotional day for Komal and she did share the journey with the fans on social media. They did start investing in the project first back in 2022. And both have contributed to the same.


Komal Pandey Professional Career


Komal Pandey is a star born on Instagram. She has a good 2 million followers base on Instagram. Komal does not buy fake followers and hence, she does not have 10 million followers. But the reach of the account is huge. For a reel, she could charge around 15 Lakhs or more. And hence, top brands from fashion and beauty do approach her.


She has a YouTube channel, where she makes vlogs and uploads other content. It gives her decent sums coming in. So yes, this works well.


Other than that, she does take ramp walks and all for sure. She is known to make some of the best content coming in fashion for India.


However, sometimes people say that she does wear over-the-top clothes. And hence, it did put her into disturbance a lot.


This is where Komal works which sees her getting ups and downs. As she is a big name, the trolls come her way. Like people do not like that sometimes she shares videos of her eating and here she tries to copy a lady from California.


Instagram: @komalpandeyofficial

YouTube: @komalpandey3894

Net Worth

Komal Pandey has a net worth of USD 10 cr. She co-owns a Villa and has a flat. Komal is one of the best content creator earners, so it is indeed a huge thing for sure.


  • Komal Pandey loves luxury fashion brand.
  • She likes to collect luxury bags like Fendi and all.
  • Siddharth once gifted her a sandal of Christian Louboutin.
  • Komal loves to eat South Indian food.
  • She likes to get roses for sure.
  • Komal’s beloved holiday destination is Paris.
  • Komal is one of the richest self-made Indian female businesspeople.
  • Komal has done cosmetic surgeries.
  • She is based in Gurugram, India.
  • Komal’s good friends that are famous are Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh.
  • Komal is fluent in English and Hindi.
  • She eats non veg food.
  • Komal is a mega dog lover.
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