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Publix Deli Hours: Biggest Super Market of America

  • June 24, 2024
  • 5 min read
Publix Deli Hours: Biggest Super Market of America

This article is all about one of the very big supermarket. This supermarket is known as Publix. The main point on which the spotlight will fall in this article is publix deli hours. So Publix is one of the very old and well renowned super market. It was founded in the year 1930 on 6th September. This super market’s first edition was opened in Winter Haven, Florida, United States of America. George W. Jenkins is the man behind this supermarket. He was the founder of Publix. Now the main headquarter of Publix is located in Lakeland, Florida, United States of America. This super market which started 93 years ago in Winter Haven and now there are 1373 stores of Publix located in different locations. Nowadays the deli section is getting famous. People are asking about it so let’s know about this super market and its deli section.

Branches of Publix in Different Locations: Publix Deli Hours

  • Florida has the maximum numbers of stores of Publix and it is 867 in numbers
  • The second largest number of stores of Publix are located in Georgia and it is 212 in numbers
  • In Alabama there are 90 stores of Publix
  • South Carolina has 69 stores in total
  • There 57 stores in Tennessee
  • North Carolina is blessed with 54 stores
  • Kentucky has only 1 store of Publix. They are looking to increase the number of stores in Kentucky
  • Virginia has total 20 stores in numbers

Deli Timings: Publix Deli Hours

There is no particular time of this supermarket. This supermarket is open for everybody 24*7. Yes you guys heard it right that this super market never get close. Now there are some of the section in this store which are not usually available in the morning section. Deli is one of the section or the item of this store which is only available in the afternoon and till night. It is not available in the morning time or in the breakfast. There are a lot more sections which are not available in the breakfast. Apart from that it is always open for almost everything . People can go and buy there essential products at any time.

Medications: Publix Deli Hours

The Publix store used to sell a lot of various products. Then in the 1986 they started the service of medicines in their stores. This was a great initiative by the Publix. As people search a lot of medicines in various shops but when publix is nearby you then why to worry and why to go anywhere. According to  the research there are more than 90 percent stores of Publix having medicine section in the them. The another great initiative in the field of medication they did that they started giving some of the antibitics for free. Now this will help a lot of people. People those who are needy and do not have much money for the basic medication for cough and fever, then they can some of such antibiotics free from there.

What is Deli Section: Publix Deli Hours

Deli section is where people get some good food to eat. The famous and the most attractive dish in their menu is pub sub. Subs are so much famous that nobody can deny the taste of it. The menu is also big and provide varieties. Moreover, the subs of deli section always get available on the basis of the order. That is why the availability of this product is not there in the morning. The reason behind it was that they always provide the fresh things in the deli section of their store.

Customer Reaction on Timing: Publix Deli Hours

The customer loves all the products and the services of the publix store so much. Still there are not happy with the fooding section that most of them are not available in the morning or at the time of breakfast. Many of the customers shows their anger and the disappointment with the non availability of some of the food items at the time of breakfast. There is no update whether such items will be available in the morning or not.

Sushi Section:Publix Deli Hours

In the store publix they give a good discount on the products available in the sushi section. In sushi section the customers will get some sea foods and some other things to eat as well. Now the fact you should know is that they do not give discount everyday on the products of sushi section. They provide the discounts only on the day Wednesday. So if you are looking to buy something from sushi section then Wednesday in Publix store is the best choice.

Publix Deli Hours
Publix Deli Hours


Lastly, we want to say that there is everything which a person needs. The only thing that they do not provide some of their products in the morning. Now it is only because they wants to serve the fresh food to their customers and that is a good thing. What they can do is that they can keep some more workers so that they can avail those things in the breakfast as well. Else if you are looking for a super market for the shopping then this is the best place to visit


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