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The development of the court case: Bench Craft Company Lawsuit

  • December 11, 2023
  • 3 min read

Bench Craft Company is a marketing and promotion company.  That specializes in providing custom-made scorecards, tee signs, benches, and websites for golf courses. The company claims that it  helps golf courses increase their revenue. And publicity by drawing in more golfers and advertising.

Recent years have seen a lot of interest in the Bench Craft Company lawsuit. Because it raises significant questions about corporate responsibility, contract law, and business ethics. The marketing and advertising company Bench Craft Company, situated in Oregon, was the target of a class-action lawsuit filed by several individuals. Who banded together to make a more compelling case against the company.

The complaint’s Origins

Several customers who had made a range of transactions from Bench Craft Company filed a complaint against the company in 2018. The majority of the customers were golf course managers or owners. And people who had signed advertising contracts with the company. Bench Craft Company was mandated by the contracts to provide them with a range of items and services. In exchange for a fee and a share of the sales generated by promoting the products.

On the other hand, clients claimed that Bench Craft Company did not honor its promises. And perform its duties, instead using unfair and dishonest business practices. The following are a few of the assertions made by the clients:

  • Presenting the products and services of the business in a manner that is inaccurately indicative of their scope and caliber .
  • Failing to deliver the promised goods and services. Either completely or in a delayed manner
  • Charging customers for goods and services they didn’t receive. Or for goods they did not consent to. In exchange for declining to issue refunds, credits, or cancellations to disgruntled customers.
  • Disregarding or evading the demands and worries of customers.
  • Using forceful and aggressive sales tactics to get customers to sign contracts.
  • Making false or misleading claims about the benefits and results of the goods and services.

Consumers claimed that by paying for goods and services they did not receive or benefit from and by losing out on potential golfer sales and advertising, these acts had cost them money.

The development of the court case

The lawsuit against Bench Craft Company Lawsuit is still underway as of September 2023.   The defendants are represented by a separate team of lawyers with backgrounds in defending marketing and advertising companies.

The litigation has gone through several stages of court proceedings, including as certification, motions, hearings, mediation, and discovery. Each side has produced evidence, justifications, and witnesses to support their claims and defenses.

Status and Developments of Class-Action

Disgruntled customers and rival businesses banded together under a class-action lawsuit in the Bench Craft Company case. By doing thus, they combined their resources and legal efforts to attack the corporation jointly for allegedly misrepresenting its advertising reach and unjust contract terms. Plaintiffs were able to mount a more formidable legal defense against Bench Craft Company thanks to the class-action status, which helped them get through the difficult court cases.

However, the lawsuit hasn’t been settled yet. The parties have not been able to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion in spite of many attempts.

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