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UK Must See: Top Botanical Gardens With Tropical Plants, Birds, and Butterflies

  • August 9, 2023
  • 4 min read
UK Must See: Top Botanical Gardens With Tropical Plants, Birds, and Butterflies

Nature’s beauty is boardless and available even within the city boundaries. Botanical gardens are called to immerse visitors into the other environment, soaked with tranquillity and inspiration. That’s a special zone with huge biodiversity and ecosystems, consisting of specialized collections of flora and rare fauna. It’s a different experience from the usual picnic in the forest, and way more interesting because there is combined education and recreation. Learn about the top botanical gardens below and plan your trip with us!

Kew Gardens, London

Kew Gardens is a world-ranked botanical garden with the most developed biodiverse on the planet: 50 000 species of exotic plants, and interactive installations for better representation. Just imagine seeing the life of bees! There are also adventures in the Children’s Garden where your kids are welcome to investigate the beautiful landscapes by climbing around the natural setting. 

You cannot explore everything at once, but this process will suck you, so it would be good to devote at least one full day. Gardens have eateries with seasonal food, a shopping zone, and other facilities, so you can walk for hours without leaving the place for a break.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Cambridge

Everyone, who enters the garden, is encouraged to improve their knowledge of plants in different ways:

  • self-study 
  • courses for adults on the site, connected to science, botanical arts, and so on
  • strolling garden trails with descriptions on leaflets or check their online version at home, using Google StreetView
  • family-friendly events 
  • science Sundays with famous lecturers of Cambridge University

For recreation-oriented travellers, Garden offers guided expeditions year-round: Drop-in Weekend tours with volunteer guides and Group Tours for you and your friends without strangers. A ticket for adults starts from £7.20.

Eden Project, Cornwall

Eden Project is considered one of the best botanical gardens in the whole world. A beautiful trip through biomes will show you the Medditerean area and indoor rainforest with bridges under the layers of plants. You are also allowed to have a look at other things such as exhibitions and Invisible Worlds. Flora, fauna, something that goes beyond our minds – that garden has something for every person, even for kids in Nature’s Playground, and zip wires for extreme lovers.

Glasshouses, Birmingham

This part of Birmingham botanic garden is popular for its rich collection of tropical plants, divided into two sections: 

  • Tropical House. It shows a climate in the lowland equatorial tropics and places an imposing number of plants in a small place. Hot temperatures and a humid atmosphere allow life forms, including water plants and shade-loving herbs.
  • Subtropical House, also called a Palm House. This one is large and unique – only there you can watch Dicksonia x Latham tree fern, not in the natural environment. It’s an exact place to feel the magic of an oasis because the house accurately simulates the real conditions of jungles. And you don’t even have to go through the desert!

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As you may observe, an excursion to the botanical garden doesn’t have an only educational purpose. That’s a whole adventure, consisting of different activities to get close to nature and meanwhile, learn something completely new. So don’t miss adding them to your route, make the trip unique.

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